How To Book a Seat on The Business Class of Air New Zealand?

How To Book a Seat on The Business Class of Air New Zealand?

The national airline of New Zealand is Air New Zealand Limited. The airline, which has its base in Auckland, runs regularly scheduled passenger flights to 20 domestic and 32 international destinations in 18 nations, mostly in and around the Pacific Rim. Since 1999, the airline has belonged to the Star Alliance.

The airline promises that every traveler will get the greatest care at a reasonable cost. As a result, they provide flight upgrades through Air New Zealand Seat Upgrade even after a reservation. As their primary goal, they try hard to provide comfortable journeys.

It is now a straightforward process to upgrade a seat on an Air New Zealand flight to business class by going through a few simple steps on their official website. Alternatively, you can call FlyBusinesClass, and we can assist you with an Air New Zealand seat upgrade over the phone. Before proceeding with the upgrade, carefully read the seat upgrade policy and instructions on this page from Air New Zealand.

What are the Processes of Seat Upgrades at Air New Zealand?

You may choose your preferred seat on Air New Zealand quite quickly using the many straightforward options. The following list includes some of the typical Air New Zealand seat selection techniques:

Through Manage Booking: Go to the Manage Booking page on the official Air New Zealand website, where you can enter your booking information to choose your seat.

Through Air New Zealand: Sign into your account and follow the seat upgrade instructions on the screen.

Via Customer Service: You can get in touch with the reservations staff and upgrade the seat of your choice.

How Do I Upgrade my Seat on Air New Zealand?

By using the Manage Booking option after making your book with Air New Zealand, you may easily upgrade from Economy to Business Class. You can simply upgrade your flight with Air New Zealand by choosing "Manage." If you're wondering "How do I upgrade my seat on Air New Zealand," just follow these steps:

  • To modify the itinerary and destination of your journey, go to the Air New Zealand website at
  • On the website, in the top right corner, is the "Manage" tab. Take it once you find it.

You can find out more information about the specifics of your seat upgrade by selecting the "Upgrades" option (refer to the info given above about the type of upgrades).

  • Visit the Air New Zealand website at to change your trip's itinerary and destination.
  • The following details are also required:

The flight's reservation reference number and the last name listed on the Air New Zealand reservation

  • After providing the required information, you must click "Find" in order to be taken to your Air New Zealand flight arrangements.

Select the flight reservation that needs to be changed. After that, you can select the seats you want (subject to availability).

  • Before selecting "Change," make sure the seat is still correct.
  • If the cost is reasonable in light of the changes you want to make, pay it.

The process for Air New Zealand Seat Upgrades will then be finished.

Book a Seat on Business Class of Air New Zealand

When choosing a seat, you will have a lot of seating options, including those listed below:

Standard Seat: If you are an Elite, Elite Partner, or Gold member, a standard seat selection choice will be included in your cost. Up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure, you can choose your seat during the booking process; if you don't, a standard seat will be assigned to you when you check-in.

Preferred Seat: When you choose Air New Zealand Seats Upgrade to business class, you get preferred seats that come with priority boarding, more legroom for stretching out, and a tonne of amenities. They are located in the preferred section of the aircraft.

Exit Row: Choosing the Exit Row seat will give you more room, more legroom, priority benefits, and more amenities. You must adhere to a variety of travel restrictions, so think carefully before choosing a seat in the exit row. You should also make sure you are eligible. You can check your eligibility for a ticket by booking one online in accordance with Air New Zealand seat selection policies.

Bassinet Row Seat: Designed specifically for passengers traveling with infants, bassinet seating offers additional features like bassinet fittings, larger seats, more legroom, and more. If you are traveling somewhere with a baby up to 8 months old, you may choose a bassinet row seat under the Air New Zealand selection policy.

Air New Zealand Seat Selection Fee

It is always advisable to be aware of the cost of a specific seat before making a seat selection on Air New Zealand. You can simply follow the suggested methods if you want to learn more about the Air New Zealand seat selection cost.

Domestic flights operated by Air New Zealand:

  • If you have a seat and a seat + bag, you can choose a Standard Seat for USD 5, a Preferred Seat for USD 10, or an Exit Row for USD 10.

Standard Seat is free with FlexiTime and Flexi Plus, however, Exit Row is only accessible with Preferred Seat for a fee of USD 10 per seat.

Tasman and Pacific Islands flights:

  • If you booked an Economy and Premium Economy price, you can choose a Standard Seat at no additional cost.
  • You must pay USD 10 for the Preferred Seat in Economy class and USD 20 for Premium Economy.
  • You must pay USD 10 for the bassinet seat in both the Economy and Premium Economy classes.

For Long Haul International Flights:

Standard seats cost USD 20, Preferred seats cost USD 50, Exit Row seats cost USD 105, and Bassinet Row seats cost USD 25 on Economy Sweet Deals and Value Fares.

  • The Standard Seat is free for Economy or Flexible Fares, the Preferred Seat is USD 50, the Exit Row is USD 105, and the Bassinet Row is USD 25.


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