How to Upgrade Seats on United Airlines?

How Do I Upgrade Seats on United Airlines?

United Airlines, which initially went under the name of Continental Airlines, began offering its customers services in the year 1937. It gradually grew to become one of the biggest airlines in the US with its primary headquarters in Texas. After combining with Continental Airlines in 2010, it is also now the third-largest airline in the world by fleet size and route count.

How to Upgrade Seats on United Airlines?

When you fly with United Airlines, you can choose from United Polaris Business, United Premium Plus, United Premium, United First, United Business, Economy Plus, Economy, and Basic Economy. Reach out to FlybusinesClass if you want to upgrade on United using points since we can assist you in doing so! You can read the page here in the interim, which has the necessary details.

How many Methods are there for United Airlines Seat Upgrades?

The following are the methods that you can opt to upgrade your seats on United:

  • MileagePlus Upgrade Awards: Through the MileagePlus program, you can upgrade using points on any flight operated by United or Copa Airlines.
  • Free Upgrades: free United Airlines seat upgrades are offered to Premier elite members on a few of its domestic flights, subject to space availability.
  • PlusPoints Upgrades: Upgrades that are available on specific United and United Worldwide partner airlines, and can be purchased with PlusPoints earned by Premier Platinum and Premier 1K members.
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards: Upgrades on select flights operated by Star Alliance network partners using points-based rewards.
  • Instant Upgrades: Premier members who purchase full-fare Y economy and B fares receive upgrades; Premier 1K members may receive instant upgrades when purchasing M fares (which is subject to availability).

Can you Upgrade to United Airlines after Booking?

If you already have a ticket and want to upgrade it to a premium cabin on United, you have three options: you can do it online with your current reservation, over the phone by calling United, or in person at the airport.

  • To handle the upgrade yourself online, sign into your MileagePlus account and access your existing reservation. Click Redeem upgrade to see your options. You can choose to upgrade to a premium cabin, pay with PlusPoints if you have any on hand, or pay with United Points to get better seats with a co-pay.
  • MileagePlus members can request upgrades from economy to business or first class (on 2-class aircraft) or from business class to first class, subject to seat availability on the partner airline.
  • Up to 4 passengers on the same reservation are eligible for mileage upgrades on more than 20 United Star Alliance partners (including Air Canada, Copa Airlines, Lufthansa, TAP, SWISS, Singapore Airlines, and many others) up to 331 days ahead of travel.
  • Prior to requesting the Star Alliance upgrade, you must first purchase your ticket, log into your reservation on, and then proceed as normal with a regular United airlines reservation.

Can I Upgrade my Basic Economy Seat on United?

Unfortunately, for the Basic economy seats, you cannot upgrade after booking your flight. However, you can make the upgrades within 24 hours of making the reservations. Otherwise, it is suggested to buy economy flight fares so the chances of seat upgrades on United Airlines increase.

The necessary United points to upgrade your Economy tickets on United Airlines are shown in the table below. For:

• You can upgrade from Economy to Premium Plus for 20 PlusPoints.

• You can upgrade from Premium Plus to Polaris for 30 PlusPoints.

• You can upgrade from Economy to Polaris for 40 PlusPoints (waitlist)

• You can upgrade from Economy to Premium Plus for 70 PlusPoints (Skip Waitlist)

• For 80 PlusPoints, upgrading from Economy to Polaris is possible (waitlist)

• For 110 PlusPoints, upgrading from Economy to Polaris is possible (Skip Waitlist)

You need 40 points to upgrade to business class on a United Airlines journey, in case you're wondering how many points you need to upgrade your United flight to business class.

Ways to Increase your Changes of United Seat Upgrades

  • On some flights, you can gain a fast upgrade by purchasing a Y fare class ticket or a discounted full-price economy B fare.
  • To earn PlusPoints that can be utilized for upgrades, achieve Premier Platinum or United Premier 1K elite status. Members of Premier 1K can pay an M fare and receive an upgrade right away. Supply determines what can be upgraded.
  • Look for cheap business-class tickets before seeking upgrades or spending points to upgrade an economy ticket.
  • Use the advanced search tool and the MUA option when selecting an upgrade-eligible trip to find flights on which you can upgrade a United travel using points.
  • United MileagePlus points can be used to purchase a business or first-class ticket.
  • Request an upgrade in advance. Make careful to submit the upgrade request as soon as you can because time is one of the last tie-breakers for upgrading priority.

If you wish to know more about the United Airlines seat upgrade policy and the procedure, you can reach out to us any time you want as we are here for your assistance 24x7.


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