What's the difference between business and First Class on Emirates?

Emirates is the largest airline and also one of the two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. Its base is in Garhaud Dubai and is owned by the government of Dubai’s investment corporation. Emirates flies to 158 destinations in 85countries. Emirates offers three different classes namely economy, business, and first class. Here we are going to provide you with detail on “What’s the difference between business class and First class on Emirates?” and the benefits of choosing business class flight on Emirates.

Difference between Emirates First Class and Business class

First Class:-

Emirates first class offers its passenger Chauffeur-drive, Airport Lounge access, inflight entertainment like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Live TV, and dining. The seat can be converted to a full bed where you can sleep the whole night under the stars. The first class also offers a Private Suite, you can slide the doors and turn the ambient lighting, and retreat into your private cinema. You can enjoy food and beverages on your flight, a full meal, or a tasty midnight snack. First-class flights are closer to owning a private jet.

Business Class:-

Emirates Business Class is Luxurious and it is to provide comfort to passengers. It also offers Chauffeur-drive, Airport lounge access, inflight entertainment like music, Tv shows, Movies, and Live TV, and also offered Exclusive wine and cheese along with that passengers are also provided regionally inspired gourmet menus. You can make a friend at 4000feet or arrange a business meeting and also a seat that can be a comfortable bed to sleep in, a comfy mattress, and a cozy blanket.

In Business class flight seats are next to one another and there’s no privacy. Seats of First Class are more comfortable compared to business class.

What are the Perks of Business Class on Emirates?

Perks of business class on Emirates are as follows:

  • Best Inflight entertainment (Movies, Music, TV serials, Live TV)
  • Baggage allowance, two checked pieces of baggage up to 70 pounds each.
  • Luxurious Chauffeur-drive
  • Priority Check-In
  • Leather Seating and tables
  • Meal facilities and drink

Do Emirates have flatbeds in business class?

Emirates has seats that can be converted to comfortable flatbeds in business class on their A380 flights but the business product may differ on Emirates A377 flights but have got the report by some flyers of Emirates that it offers flatbed seats on long haul flights of A377.

Is there a dress code for Emirates business class?

There’s no dress code for Emirates business class, it’s just a thought that a flight from Dubai may have a dress code. You can wear the dress you are comfortable with on your business class flight.

How can I upgrade from Economy class to Business Class?

You can upgrade from Economy class to Business Class online using the Manage booking section.

Follow quick steps to upgrade from Economy class to Business class on Emirates:

  • Visit the official website emirates.com.
  • Now click on the option “Manage” in the header section.
  • Now in the “Manage Your Booking” section, you will find many options.
  • Choose to upgrade your flight.
  • Now enter your Last name, Booking Reference Number and click on Retrieve Booking.
  • After getting your travel detail you can make changes using the option edit/change.
  • Make changes as per your requirement.
  • Make the payment if applicable.

How much does upgrading to Business class on Emirates cost?

Business-class upgrade cost on Emirates flight for round trip costs between $1000 to $3500.


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