What is the British Airways Premium Economy?

What is the British Airways Premium Economy?

Simply put, flying in an economy isn't what it once was. Many airlines have cut back on services, decreased legroom, and packed more passengers per row throughout the years. Many travelers lack the financial means to fly business class. Enter premium economy, the Goldilocks-Esque happy medium. British Airways premium class is possibly one of the better options for premium economy. With BA Premium economy class, World Traveller Plus, enjoy an improved in-flight experience.

Let's look at everything you need to know about British Airways premium economy, or World Traveller Plus, including what to expect onboard and how it differs from the experience you'll have in the economy on this page presented by FlybusinesClass. And, if you have any queries regarding anything then you can reach out to us at any hour of the day.

What is the Seat Configuration of British Airways?

The British Airways premium economy cabin is either 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 depending on the type of aircraft. The central column of chairs has either three or four seats, and there are two seats by the windows. Because of this configuration, flying British Airways premium economy is a fantastic choice for couples who want their own two-seat row.

There is a huge, bright 12-inch touchscreen with seemingly unlimited entertainment options in every British Airways premium economy seat. All of this represents a significant improvement over what British Airways had to offer before a recent cabin makeover.

What Do you Get with BA Premium Economy?

A fun upgrade is taking World Traveller Plus flights. The cabin is quieter, larger, and more upscale than World Traveller since there are fewer rows.

British Airways offers significantly better food and drink service in the premium economy compared to the economy, in addition to larger and better seats.

Before the wheels ever leave the ground, this elevated service begins. Prior to takeoff, flight attendants circulate the cabin serving water or orange juice in genuine glasses. Although sparkling wine is served in the World Traveller Plus cabin on the ground, it is not.

British Airways promotes World Traveller Plus passengers' access to "two delectable meals, complimentary bar service, and unique cocktails (or mocktails)" while in the air. This is how it actually seems in real life.

The premium economy seats are wider, and more reclined, with lumbar support, head and footrest, and more space for your legs to spread out.

When it's time to slumber, our chic quilt and cushion add an added layer of comfort, and we'll also provide you with a special amenity kit made with sustainability in mind. All the necessities are contained in a recycled plastic bottle-based bag. Lip balm, an eye mask, a pen, socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and earplugs are all provided for your comfort.

Utilize your own entertainment system while wearing headphones that block out outside noise. You can use your devices on board thanks to the individual power outlets in each seat. You might need to carry your own adaptor for certain of our planes if they can't be purchased on board.

Is British Airways Premium Economy worth it?

When thinking about whether BA premium economy is really worth it or not, you can see the services and amenities you are getting in their cabins.

Additional Luggage Allowance: British Airways Premium Economy normally includes two free checked bags at no additional cost. In contrast, some economy tickets on British Airways are "hand baggage only," and two checked bags can cost up to $175 roundtrip.

Priority Boarding: Customers on British Airways World Traveller Plus board before Group 3 passengers. Economy boarding groups extend all the way to Group 9.

Universal Power Outlets: Since British Airways' economy cabins were recently updated, only USB plugs are available. However, there are still two universal power outlets and a USB outlet located between each set of World Traveller Plus seats.

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FAQs about British Airways Premium Economy

British Airways premium economy is available on which aircraft?

All international long-haul aircraft provide British Airways Premium Economy. This also applies to British Airways:

  • A350-1000 Airbus aircraft.
  • A380-800 Airbus airplane.
  • The Boeing 777-200 and 777-300.
  • The Dreamliner models 787, 787-8, and 787-10 from Boeing.

Can I upgrade to premium economy on British Airways?

Passengers on British Airways can pay cash or use Avios to upgrade to premium economy, either in advance or at the airport.

How can I upgrade to the premium economy while flying on a British Airways flight?

Unfortunately, once you are aboard, you cannot upgrade to the premium economy.

Does the premium economy on British Airways give you extra miles?

Yes, if you credit your travel to another reward program, the British Airways premium economy earns more British Airways Avios or miles.


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