How to Upgrade my Seat on Air France?

How to Upgrade my Seat on Air France?

The national airline of France is Société Air France, S.A., also known as Air France. Tremblay, France is home to its headquarters. It is a subsidiary of the Air France—KLM Group and a founder member of the global airline alliance SkyTeam.

You can upgrade a seat on an Air France aircraft by following a few simple steps on the Air France website. As an alternative, you can call FlyBusinesClass and we can assist you with an Air France seat upgrade over the phone.

What does the Air France Seat Upgrade Policy say?

Before you think about upgrading your flight seats with Air France, you should be aware of the Air France Seat Upgrade policy of the airline.

Depending on availability, a customer may purchase an upgrade option:

  • online (website or mobile app), prior to the departure of the aircraft, and until the check-in deadline

Working at a Travel Agency for Air France

  • when this service is offered, at specific airport interactive kiosks
  • At the check-in desks during specific stopovers
  • At the airport, with an Air France representative

All Air France aircraft with multiple cabins are equipped with the Upgrade Option, which is available based on space. However, the following customers are prohibited from purchasing the Upgrade Option:

Customers who have requested special seats, such as "extra-seat" and reserved seats for specific large and/or fragile luggage, customers on a waiting list, and passengers flying with a pet in the cabin on long-haul flights.

If a customer makes a specific request at the time of booking that needs to be verified by an Air France employee at the airport beforehand, they are not eligible to purchase the Upgrade Option online (through the website or mobile application). This is a concern for:

  • Children or young people using the Kids Solo service while traveling alone
  • Customers who have previously scheduled a special meal (à la carte, religious, dietary, or medical menus) are also exempt from this policy, as are those who are traveling with children under the age of two. If the customer purchases an upgrade, they will not be able to enjoy their meal.
  • Those flying with a pet or emotional support animal (such as a guide dog), with the exception of long-haul flights where a premium upgrade to the Business cabin is available.

Per flight segment, a client may only purchase one Upgrade Option. Except for clients who paid extra to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy, who will ultimately pay extra to upgrade to Business.

How Do I Upgrade my Seat on Air France?

You can easily upgrade your seat on Air France by simply following the straightforward, step-by-step instructions provided below.

  • Open the Air France website to start the seat upgrading procedure.
  • Next, select the My Bookings option from the site.
  • The reservation reference, ticket number, and last name must then be entered.
  • The next step is to click Search.
  • In this manner, the flight booking information will appear on your screen, and you must select the Air France seat upgrade option.
  • In order to complete the Air France aircraft seat upgrading process, you must also follow the directions.
  • In addition, if you are unable to locate the upgrade choice, you are not eligible for an upgrade. You can request an upgrade in this situation and you'll be informed as soon as your flight is upgraded.

You also need to finish the seat upgrade procedure and finish the payment procedures by selecting a payment option.

How much does it Cost to Upgrade Seats on Air France?

To make your flight more enjoyable, you must upgrade your seat. In business class, the price of an Air France seat upgrade ranges from USD 250 to USD 500. You can quickly upgrade your flight to an economy or business class seat if you have 7500 to 95000 miles. If you want to upgrade and have elite status when booking, you must pay USD 75 or purchase 500 miles.


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