What is the Procedure to Upgrade Flight Seats on Copa Airlines?

What is the Procedure to Upgrade Flight Seats on Copa Airlines?

Tocumen International Airport in Panama City serves as the home base for Copa Airlines, the country of Panama's flag carrier. The airline was also honored as the "Leading Airline in Mexico and Central America" at the 2004 World Travel Awards. When you fly with Copa, you can choose between Business Class and Economy Class. The airline's main travel destinations are the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

In addition to comfort and punctuality on every flight, Copa Airlines offers top-notch amenities and services. So, there could be times when you would like to upgrade your seat on Copa Airlines which is why we have this article for you that elaborates on the process of Copa Airlines seat upgrades.

Business Class Upgrades on Copa Airlines: Overview

The top advantages of upgrading to Business Class on Copa Airlines are listed below.

  • Dedicated check-in lanes at airport counters, priority luggage handling, and boarding gates.
  • On some Copa Airlines flights, cabin privacy, comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, and leather seats.
  • Top-notch dining service with top-notch wines, spirits, and culinary options.
  • At a few airports, you can access all Copa Clubs, United Clubs, and VIP lounges in the world.
  • Flexible baggage allowances for business class for the designated trip part of your upgrade purchase.

How Do I Upgrade from Economy to Business Class?

The following are the most significant terms and conditions you should be aware of before considering an upgrade on Copa Airlines from Economy to Business class.

  • You must be travelling on a Copa Airlines Economy Class ticket and your Business Class trip must have available seat upgrades.
  • You ought to have obtained an upgrade for your initial Copa Airlines itinerary, and if you want to change it, you'll need to revoke the bids you previously filed for it. Additionally, you'll have to re-bid for your revised itinerary.
  • If you have ConnectMiles PreferMember status of Gold, Platinum, or Presidential, you are not eligible to place a bid. However, it is doable if you applied for a seat upgrade in addition to purchasing your Copa Airlines tickets using miles.
  • Parents or another adult may purchase seat upgrades for children travelling on Copa Airlines.
  • The bids submitted are only valid for the flight segment listed in the email invitation, and any upgrades are non-transferable.
  • The Copa Airlines seat upgrade cost will depend upon your travel destination and route. Ranging from USD 150 to USD 400.

How to Upgrade Seats On Copa Airlines to Business Class?

You can upgrade your seat on Copa Airlines using the following methods.

Instant Business Class Upgrade

If applicable, there is an "Instant Upgrade" button that you can utilize to upgrade your seat on Copa Airlines. You will, however, need to pay a set fee to secure your seat upgrading. From the Manage Booking section of the website, you can determine your eligibility. How? Read on.

  • Go to the Manage Your Booking option on the Copa Airlines website, where you may then enter the necessary information.
  • To access the Instant Upgrade button, first click the search button, and then choose your reservation.
  • If the button is present, make your upgrades by following the directions displayed on the screen.

Online Request for Seat Upgrade

You can request an online seat upgrade on Copa Airlines by using the instructions below.

  • Go to the Plan tab at the top of the Copa Airlines website.
  • Next, choose Business Class, then scroll down to "Request an Upgrade Option".
  • Next, input the necessary information, such as the reservation number and first and last names, before clicking the Apply button.
  • After that, follow the on-screen prompts to complete your seat upgrade request and wait for Copa Airlines to respond between 12 and 48 hours before your scheduled departure.


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