How can I Choose my Flight Seat on Icelandair?

How can I choose my flight Seat on Icelandair?

The national airline of Iceland, Icelandair, is based at Keflavik International Airport, not far from Reykjavik. It operates from its primary hub at Keflavik International Airport to locations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as a member of the Icelandair Group. One pillar of the airline's commercial plan, along with travel to, from, and within the nation, is one-stop transatlantic flights, which Iceland's location makes possible.

Now, when you wish to select your seats on this amazing airline, you should know about the airline’s policies involving seat selection. This article by FlybusinesClass provides you with the same along with relevant information.

What is the Icelandair Seat Selection Policy?

For the Economy Class: Domestic and international Economy Standard and Economy Flex tickets include the seat selection cost. For the Economy Light, however, this is not the case; a complimentary seat will be assigned to you automatically.

  • For a charge, you can still choose your preferred Economy Light seat for domestic and international travel.
  • A seat next to you will be reserved for any children traveling with you.

For the Saga Class: You have more perks when you have chosen to fly in the Saga Class which is briefed below.

  • You will not be charged the IcelandAir seat selection fee, which is part of the ticket price if you choose to fly with Saga Premium or Saga Premium Flex.
  • The airline will automatically assign youngsters or other dependent passengers a seat adjacent to you if you are going with them.

When can you Choose a Seat at IcelandAir?

There are two ways to go about the Icelandair Seat Selection process. Both will provide everyone an equal chance to reserve the desired seat.

During the time of making Icelandair Reservations:

  • The airline does not overbook, therefore despite other problems, you can be sure to secure a seat on the aircraft at the time of booking.
  • If your trip involves several stops or stopovers, you can only reserve your seat through the support team.
  • If you have paid to reserve a seat, the airline will ensure that you have a seat during your trip.

At the Time of Checking in for your Icelandair Flight Booking:

  • You can choose your preferred seat using the Icelandair selection process by checking in online. Online check-in opens up 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • The airline will make every effort to reserve the seat you choose when you check in, but it ultimately cannot make any guarantees.

How much does Seat Selection Cost on IcelandAir?

Domestic flights and international flights make up the two primary divisions of the seat selection cost.

The policies have made it clear that the Saga seat tickets are already included in the ticket price; as a result, if you purchased your flight in Economy class, you would have to pay an additional fee. The Icelandair Seat Selection fee is; in accordance with the ticket fare distribution guideline;

Front Seats: Economy Light and Economy Standard front seats are equally priced at $20 for flights between Iceland and Europe and $35 for flights between Iceland and North America. The price is included in the fare for Economy Flex.

Middle Section: Economy Light airfare from Iceland to Europe is $15; airfare from Iceland to North America is $26.

Back section: Economy Light costs $10 for flights from Iceland to Europe and $20 for flights from Iceland to North America.


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