How Do I Upgrade on Philippine Airlines?

How Do I Upgrade on Philippine Airlines?

This page by FlybusinesClass is dedicated to providing you with information on how to upgrade to a higher class on Philippine Airlines along with other relevant details.

Can I Upgrade my Seats on Philippine Airlines?

An email requesting you to submit an offer for a PAL upgrade to business class will be sent to you after your ticket has been issued and seven days before the departure of your journey. You must have a working email address to get an invitation from us. Simply click the myPAL Upgrade link in the email to get to the Offer page after being led there. You can now use the information below to learn more about the PAL perks available in certain classes.

Business Class benefits include dedicated check-in, priority boarding, plush seats that may be adjusted for comfort, a delectable assortment of cuisines from the West, Asia, or the Philippines, and exclusive access to the Mabuhay/VIP Lounge.

Priority check-in, boarding, and luggage retrieval are available in Premium Economy Class, along with extra-large seats in a luxurious cabin, bigger personal displays, cutting-edge in-flight entertainment, and specially designed meal options.

What is the Process for Philippine Airlines Seat Upgrades?

When you wish to upgrade your seats on Philippine Airlines, you can

  • Visit the official website of Philippine Airlines
  • Click on the sandwich icon to get the menu tab opened.
  • Select the “Prepare” option which will open a lot more options that you can select for your flight booking.
  • Under “Travel Extras” select the option of “Flight Upgrade” to continue.
  • The redirected page, “myPAL Upgrade” will ask for your Booking reference number and the last name under the ticket.
  • Now you can hit the option of “Check Eligibility” to proceed further.
  • You will be given the option of seat upgrades if you are eligible. You can bid accordingly to increase the chances of seat upgrades.
  • This should be noted that you will only be charged if your bid gets accepted.
  • You will receive an email message from the airline to confirm the Philippine Airlines Seat Upgrades.

When can I not Get Seat Upgrades on my PAL Flight Tickets?

There are various factors that could affect your eligibility to make an offer for seat upgrades on PAL flights, including:

  • Booking as an Unaccompanied Minor,
  • Booking with 10 or more Passengers Under One Booking Reference or Record Locator,
  • Booking with one or more Passengers on Medical Case ("MEDA"),
  • Holding Non-Revenue Tickets (Award Tickets of Any and All Frequent Flyer Programs, Denied Boarding Tickets, and ID/AD Tickets).
  • Booking with an infant; Codeshare flights, excluding those run by PAL Express;
  • Charter flights, unless PAL specifies otherwise.
  • The flight segment(s) on which you are flying is not currently taking offers.

How to Get Free Upgrades to Business Class Philippine Airlines?

Generally, Philippine Airlines (PAL) upgrade to business class is not for free. However, it has been discovered from resources that regular flyers with Mabuhay Miles can benefit from free updates. Here are several fast ways to use your Mabuhay Miles to upgrade to business class on PAL flights.

  • Ask the executives at the official ticket desk to check the availability of an upgrade to your desired business class through the use of miles.
  • You can also get in touch with the Philippine reservation offices and inquire about free upgrades by using simply your miles.
  • When making a reservation, you can use your miles to directly pay for business-class tickets. If you need more miles to directly purchase the higher-class seat, you can pay the remaining sum. If there is availability, you can call ahead and ask the Philippine Airlines workers at the gate to give you your free upgrade.

If you have any other queries regarding Philippine Airlines then you can reach out to us whenever you want as we are available to help you with your upgrades, flight change to business class, and much more.


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